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How an Attorney Fills Out A Notice of Hearing and Proof of Service for a Limited Conservatorship CA

California Attorney Grant A. Toeppen explains how he fills out and serves a Notice of Hearing and Proof of Service for a Limited Conservatorship of the Person Only. This is the form that is attached to the Petition and sent to all of the individuals statutorily entitled to notice of the hearing for the Limited Conservatorship. It lets the close relatives of the Proposed Limited Conservatee know about the court-assigned date for the hearing so they can either go and object to the proceeding or go to offer their help and support.

There is typically no legal obligation for the individuals receiving the Notice of Hearing to attend the hearing, but if they wish to object or offer support it is imperative that they do attend the hearing.

Advance Planning, A Law Corporation is a law firm based in Manteca, California with an office in Livermore, California. Attorney Grant A. Toeppen focuses on probates, limited conservatorships, and estate planning.

The firm website is: www.advanceplanninglaw.com

Nothing in this video is intended to create an attorney-client relationship between Grant A. Toeppen and anyone else. Nothing in this video is to be construed as legal advice; it is simply how Grant A. Toeppen fills out the form.

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